27 August 2007 tired..

i'm really² tired right now..i've just came back from's in the university's first, i thought that it's going to be quite boring..but it's NOT! i went through a whole lot of fun..bathing in the river..jungle trekking...night walk in the woods...making bamboo much fun...!! Read More......

23 August 2007


Hello everyone..this is not my first blog actually..i've blogged for about 2 years.and i'm still learning. nothing much to say about name is Azam(pronounced Are-Zum) i'm from malaysia..studying in a local university...taking a bachelor's degree of computer science(computer system and networking)...i am not good in please correct me if i'm wrong..that's all..i'm also sorry if almost everything in this blog is my own story..meaning that i am not discussing about any topics or issues..that's all..TTFN
Read More......

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