18 June 2008


Guaranteed %100 Unique
If you were one of the Seven Dwarfs, which one would you be?:perhaps...Happy?
Have you ever thrown popcorn at someone and then pretended it wasn't you?:yep(haha)
Have you ever flown first class?:nope..but the next class was..
Would you rather surf in California or ski in Vermont?:neither
What is one topping you MUST have on your pizza?:dunno...
Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction books?:fiction
Would you rather read books or magazines?:magazines and books
Have you ever seen a shooting star?:never in my life
Have you ever had your cheek pinched by a relative?:yes
Have you ever torn your pants in public?:no
Do you know how a bill is passed in Congress?:what??
Do you know the difference between a conjunction and an adjective?:i have no idea
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?:errr...once
Do you chew on ice?:yes
Do you watch TV or read before bedtime?:TV
Are you allergic to anything?:dust
How many times a week do you wash your hair?:everyday
Do you own any plaid pants?:what's a plaid pants?
Have you ever been in a natural disaster (flood, hurricane, etc.)?:nope
Have you ever had food SO bad in a restaurant that you sent it back?:i didn't sent it back though
Have you ever touched a live chicken?:i think so...
What about a live turkey?:never
Do you sleep in pajamas?:nope
Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?:yes
Did you just try it?:no...but i know i can..
What is the opposite of a hamburger?:chicken sandwich
Do you talk in your sleep?:sometimes
Have you ever played in the rain?:yes
Have you ever had a Mexican jumping bean?:nope
If you didn't have any bread, what would you use to spread butter on bread?:my fingers
Have you ever swallowed your gum?:yes..couple of times
Have you ever been ice fishing?:nope
Where is the most inappropriate place your cell phone has rang?:hmm..dunno..always put it in silence
Have you ever called 911 by accident?:nope
Have you ever gone white water rafting?:what's that?
Have you ever faked sick?:yes..haha
How many times have you broken a bone?:i think once..or twice..
Can you do a flip on a trampoline?:erm...never had a trampoline..
Have you ever surfed?:surf internet..yes..haha
Have you ever fallen off a horse?:never
Have you ever had anyone tell you that your fly was open?:yes...once...
Have you ever successfully pogoed on a pogo stick?:nope
Do you eat breakfast?:yes...sometimes
Would you rather shave your head or stop talking for a year?:ntah la..
Have you ever sleepwalked?:nope
Can you flip your eyelids up?:haha...nope
Are you double-jointed?:naah...
Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair?:not yet..
Have you ever thrown up after a rollercoaster ride?:nope
Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?:ewww...never
Can you pick things up with your toes?:yes
Did you just try to do it?:no...
How many foreign countries have you visited?:1..thailand..haha
Would you rather clean the bathroom or the kitchen?:kitchen
Have you ever jammed a puzzle piece into a puzzle to "make it fit"?:no...
Would you blow your nose at the dinner table?:yes..
Have you ever slipped in the bathtub?:yes..
Have you ever locked yourself out of your house?:haha...yes..
Have you ever made a semi truck honk?:yes...
Would you prefer to go through life with a huge nose or crossed eyes?:what the fish...??
Would you rather jump into a dumpster or a vat of honey?:vat of honey..or cheese..hehe
What is your favorite breed of dog?:...
Have you ever licked the tip of a ballpoint pen?:nope..
Have you ever eaten frog legs?:eww...heck no..
Your absolute favorite shirt is dirty. Would you still wear it?:no..
Have you ever put your tongue on a frozen pole?:no...
Have you ever blown bubbles in your milk?:haha..yes..
What did you call your baby blanket?:never had one..
Have you ever worn bell-bottoms?:no..
Guys: Have you ever been in the ladie's room?:no...
Girls: Have you ever been in the men's room?:...
Have you ever smelled your own feet?:yes..
Did you just smell them?:nope..
Have you ever broken a mirror?:forgot..
Have you ever fallen asleep during a movie in the theater?:almost..
Have you ever bathed a dog?:nope..
Have you ever used a slingshot?:nope..
Have you ever gotten something stuck up your nose?:yes..ngahaha
Have you ever sucked your thumb?:when i was a kid..
Can you read while travelling without getting sick?:yes..
~~Goofy stuff~~
Why did the chicken cross the road?:because it wants to..
How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?:maybe a cup of salt could do it..
Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?:he just wanted to feel red...
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?:hahahaha
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11 June 2008

My love came back...hahaha

Yaayy...finally...i've got my laptop back...but it's not easy to get it though...

Yesterday..err..sorry...the night of last monday...i took the 9PM bus from Ipoh...heading for Kuantan..hmm..quite a boring trip...bosaaaan gileee..huhuhu...then..i arrived at Terminal Makmur at about 4 AM...another boring part...i dunno what to do there except sleep..sleep...sleep....

After sleeping for about 2 hours, i woke up..lepak2 kat terminal..watching the terminal starting to come to life...oopss...sorry..i forgot to tell why did i went to Kuantan..haha..i went because i've sent my broken laptop to the HP service centre. (stupid's the 2nd time you know) ..then, at about 9 AM...i called the service centre...and the receptionist said my laptop hasn't be finish repaired yet...what a crazy answer...arghhh!!!

Just imagine having to go through hours of journey from Ipoh to Kuantan...and i have to patah balik just like that..hmm...So...i went to Megamall about 9.30 AM..i'm really bored at that time...then, i have to wait for megamall to open for about 45 minutes...argghh.....after finally opened...i rushed in to see the cinema tickets...just to see that the cinema booths were not opened much for the early-bird ticket...haha..nevermind..after wandering about in the megamall for a few minutes...i went back to the cinema, bought a KungFu Panda ticket on 12PM...that was the best animated movies i've seen...i mean..with 1 of my favourite actor&singer ; Jack Black...with its Kung Fooey(it's stated in the movie..haha) enjoy..i recommend this movie for all those cartoon lovers and for those who love winnie the pooh..(haha)

Then..i bought a new wallet...bought a Kreko...enjoyed it for a few minutes..then i tried to call the service centre again to take back the laptop so that i can take it back to the service centre in Ipoh...and......what do you laptop was actually repaired...yayyy (clap)...then...the loooong and tiresome trip, on-foot journey...back to the Terminal for my 6PM ticket back to Ipoh...finally...i was safely at home...that's all...fuuhh..penat2... =) Read More......

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