04 October 2008

Raya Days

On the day of the 1st October comes the day that everybody anticipated for..HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!!! yaayyy!!! =)

I got back at my kampung the day before about 4.30's 2 hours journey on car from Gerik(Perak)..upon arriving..our family goes straight to my grandmother's house..we break our last fast for the Ramadhan there..and believe me,it's the best breaking we ever had..the food was great,with my mother's cooking + my grandmother's cooking...too bad that my Pak Su's family weren't there on that night..they went to Johor for Raya celebration...

On the 1st day of Raya...we performed solat sunat Raya..then..we go raya!!hehe...most amazing experience is having to meet my sepupu spapat..and all my nieces and nephews..

from left : hanis, anisah, haziq

mak and ammar

mak and atikah

The next day of Raya, my family and I went to the border of Malaysia and kampung is quite near to father brought us to visit his relatives there...lots of my cousins were there..and most of them can speak in Malay...but sadly, the new generations of Malay there in Thailand, can't speak Malay...i wonder if our generation have died, they will not be Malays anymore...just a Malay blood-Siamese with Islam background...with no ability to speak in Malay...imagine that...huhu...anyway...the life there was really poor...and as we know...Thailand government is still abandoning Muslim Thais...i wonder why...but that is the fact that we just can't change..that's why there's been lots of bombing,killing and many more at south of Thailand..i just wish and prayed for their safety and hope that everything will change back to normal...if it can..huhu..insyaAllah..

Lots of sweet memories there, at kampung..huhu...can't wait for the Hari Raya Korban late this year...Slamat Hari Raya Aidilftri family & friends...



`narumi said...

hahaha... slamat ari raye n slamat idup kembali... susa ak nk tgk blog ne diupdate..

SpiderZMeN said...

thanks..slamat hari raye gak narumi...wakaka..tau takpe...slalu sgt mati...namun...aku bersimpati thadap blog lame ko..huahua

`narumi said...

haha... xpe... yang latest ne lawa aper... lg cun ak pimp-kan.

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