04 December 2008

How to Backup Your Blogger Widgets

Most of the time, when we you wanted to change your template, you risk losing all of your widgets and page element. The method we'll be using is through another "test blog" which will make the widget copying easier.

First create your test blog and upload your new template first. Then....

Here is the method to transfer all of your widget to your test blog:

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. We'll be using a double tab in this method. I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox or IE7 which you can use tab by keying Ctrl+T. Open your dashboard in another tab by right-clicking on the link and choose "Open in New Tab" @ "Open Link in New Tab"

3. In the first tab:
Select your test blog. Layout > Edit HTML. Click on the "Upload New Template" link near the top of the page and upload the new XML template you wish to adapt for your main blog. Make sure that the "Expand Widget Templates" is unchecked.

4. In the second tab:
Select existing blog. Layout > Edit HTML. Do NOT check "Expand Widget Templates" box. Locate your widget content identifier which will look something like in this picture:

Copy all of the code in the black box and paste into Notepad.

5. Once you have copied the widget identifiers from your old template, go back to the browser window in which you can edit your new template. Please take note that if you are using a 3 column template in your old blog, you must copy the widget code for both of the sidebar.

6. Find this section in your blog template:

<div id="sidebar-wrapper">
<b:section class="sidebar" id="sidebar" preferred="yes">
There may or may not be content here... </b:section>

IF there are any widgets in the section, DELETE it (can contribute to duplicated widget). Then in their place, paste the widget codes from your old template:

<div id="sidebar-wrapper">
<b:section class="sidebar" id="sidebar" preferred="yes">
Paste the widget identifiers here </b:section>

If there are no widgets in the sidebar of your new template. This will show:

<div id="sidebar-wrapper">
<b:section class="sidebar" id="sidebar" preferred="yes"/>

In this case, you should delete the trailing slash from the end of the line. Make a line break then paste your widget content as before. Then finally create another line break and add the following line:


The result should look something like this:

7. PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Do NOT preview your template during this process. Risk of duplicating your widget is high.

8. Save the test blog template. Notice that no widget content is showing, only the widget titles are showing. The widget content is stored in the settings for your original blog.

9. We have copied the widgets, we can download the XML template from the test blog and transfer it to the original blog. Template > Edit HTML. Select "Download full template". Save the template to your computer with a name you can easily identify.

10. Go back to the other tab where you will still be at the Edit Template HTML page for your original blog. Look for the "upload template" section and browse for the XML template from the test blog that you had just saved and upload it. You should NOT have this kind of notification:

If you do see such error messages, take note of the widgets the template wants to delete, then choose to cancel the process. You should then copy the appropriate widgets from the old template into the new template in your test blog (as before), save the template and attempt to upload it again.

11. If you receive no error messages, your template will be saved, and you can now view your new blog template with all your old widgets still in place. You can then move the widgets around however you wish in the Layouts section of your dashboard.

That is all. The End.



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