05 May 2009

New Template

Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone..

*Sigh*'s been a long time that i've updated this decided to change its template along with a new post..hmm...i'd like to recap some of the memorable things i've done in UMP this semester (Sem II 08/09)..ngeh3...

ok..first...errr...what eh? well...actually there's just too many..hehe..

on the early part of the semester, Petakom started their operations by arranging meetings with the faculty management..and we have presented our project for the semester and the coming semester...some of it are academic clinic, intrafact, programming sem we'll have networking contest..just wait for it..sorry because i don't have any pics to upload...been having a problem with my hard disk...


would u believe it??? 320GB and i've just used it about 1-2 months only...and it corrupted just like that??!!! huwaaa...and just when everything feels like they can't get even worst...bameng told me that he had threw away the receipt for the harddisk...hahahahahaha..sakitnye now..i left the hard disk to dust..hehe.. is the most memorable thing that i'm very proud of...i've been to the 4th Cisco Networking Skills Competition, NetRiders Challenge Malaysia 2009 in UniKL...haha..apekebendenye ni?? networking competition la...the NetRiders thingy is just the special name..anyways..i won 2nd place in the Packet Tracer Competition...yaayyy me!! i got 97% correct for the packet tracer...the best thing about it is...we haven't send any representatives before..this is the 1st time UMP sent 5 teams to participate..and we already won 2 prizes...which is the 5th Place in Net Theory Exam...and 2nd Place in Packet Tracer Competition and even got qualified in the FINALS (eventhough we didn't win)!! hoho..bangga first...we will intimidated with other colleges/universities..because we think they are better..with more chinese..and indians...but none the less..malays are also quite good...hohoho..i hope this competition can encourage our juniors to participate in next year's thank u so much to all lecturers who helped us studying for the competition..

hehe..some of the pics at the competition in UniKL...i think for further news on the achievement, u can go HERE.

Well...after that..we have the intrafac by Petakom...whooo..i've been the Volleyball referree for 2 years now..haha..but this year's rivalry is quite great...because we have the participation from faculty's volleyball team..they're very good..because they won 1st place..hehe..i didn't have the pics also..huhu...but here's one..

That's me..with Bameng..both had

And i think..i want to end this post with an all my friends...for all that i've ever did to you...the jokes,the insults,jokes that turn into insults,the accidents(sori zaki..huhu)..and so much more..forgive me...huhu..we'll meet again next semester..

p/s: Sorry dear if i ever hurt your heart...take care in your best..i'll try coming there..and jgn main game bnyk sgt..hehe...

another p/s: Today is Abah's birthday!! Yayyy...happy 5*th birthday(takleh bgtau)..hehe



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