10 May 2009

Setup a Shoutbox in Your Blog

Today I'll make a tutorial on how to setup a free shoutbox in your blog. You're probably be feeling a little jealous when you visit your friends' blog with their nice shoutbox. Check out my shoutbox on my left sidebar.

Let's start our tutorial shall we? =)

Ok...Firstly..there are lots of free chatbox@shoutbox we can use on the internet. Just sign up and you can put the codes in your blog. For example at ShoutMix or Cbox. They provide a simple chatbox that you can administer. But the functions are limited and they want you to pay for the chatbox to be fully administered and customized.



This tutorial will mainly use ShoutMix as your chatbox that will be put in your blog.

1. First, sign up at ShoutMix here.

2. Fill in your details and click on Continue.

3. Now you can choose your chatbox style. Note that this can be changed later.

And then click Continue.

4. You will get a confirmation e-mail from ShoutMix saying that your shoutbox is ready and can be put at your blog. Click Go to my control panel now.

5. Ok. So this is how your control panel should look like. Enter your password at the shown place and you can see your ShoutMix already. :)

6. Now, how to put it in your blog? Go to Get Codes. They bolded it for you..hehe.

and you should see something like this...

You can adjust your shoutbox's width height first. This is a matter of try and error alright? :), copy the codes.

7. Make sure you have already login to your Blogger account. Go to Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget (at the spot you want to have your shoutbox) > HTML/JavaScript.

8. Paste the codes that you have already copied from ShoutMix into the textbox, give it a title(or leave it blank)and click Save.

9. It's finished now and you can view your blog. Try changing its colors at the tab Display > Style & Colors.

That's all...tell all your friends about your new shoutbox.. =)



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