30 May 2009

Tag from Pami3

Here we go. Please answer the questions in English.

Get set..go! woohoo..

1.You must answer all the questions.

2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz.

* cik serenity

* ntah

* sape nk jwb..jwb la..

* hehe..

* lalala~

1. What’s your full name?
Nor Azam Bin Mohamed Hatha

2. Do you hate someone at this moment?

3. What makes you hate her/him?
I don't hate anyone

4. You love your family?

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love.
Huish...everyone la...

6. Why do you love them?
No reason

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?

8. Did someone make you cry this week?

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?
Last night..

10. Do you like someone at this moment?

11. What was the last present you received?
Yoyo keychain..hehe

12. Are you missing someone?
Yes... =)

13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?
Don't remember

14. What was the last comment you received?
Lisa717 commented on meeting her: hehehe~ so sweet of u!! happie anniversary to u!!

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?
Nothing...hope I'll happy forever n ever..wakaka



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