25 December 2009

Going back for the last sem

As the title stated...I'll be going back to UMP for my last semester there(I hope)...hmmm..the ticket's is on Saturday 11 AM. Still haven't packed all my things yet. Most probably tonight. I'm just afraid of my PSM's result is quite bad and it really lowered my points. Arghh..

Anyway...what will I be doing in the new semester? Of course, studying..well..I'll start with the subjects that I will be taking :


Data & Network Security: well I think it's obviously will be mainly about security in the network.haha
Human Computer Interaction: this is a subject on the interaction between a software/program/interface in a computer between human(user) this is a theoretical subject actually and it is elective.
Intermediate Mandarin: haha..though the Beginner Mandarin is quite hard, I don't know how the intermediate one will end up.
Network Management: I have no idea what is this about.lalala~
Technopreneurship: Hmm..something that we final year student have to take before graduating. Something about making business company and the likes of that.
Undergraduate Project 2: This is my PSM 2...and I haven't even started searching or preparing for it.Haha

It all sums up to 16 credit hours.

My plans for the semester? Dunno la..but I think I'll be increasing the commercializing of my formatting laptop business. I've contacted my old friend, Jemin about it and he said OK. He told me to prepare all the information about the formatting service, print it and give it to him. Huhuhu..hope I can get some income during the new semester. My PTPTN money is not adequate to support the whole semester. I only get half of it. But eventhough my parents have money, I can't rely on them too much. I have to earn a little bit right? Think that's all people.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and Happy New Year. I wished you all new year earlier because I'm afraid I can't online in UMP. I hope they already setup the internet in KK4. Hehehe...can't wait to see my gf. Til then. Tata. Good luck in the new semester guys!! Read More......

12 December 2009

New Layout

Hello. After an extremely long rest, I'm back. Sorry for the long wait(or perhaps nobody waits). As you can see the blog got refurbished a little bit.

New layout details:
  • Dark purple background, light purple for the content wrapper

  • Reduced column. (from 3 columned template to 2 columned template)
    -> this is most probably to reduce the load time of my blog

  • Removed several widgets (also to reduce load-time)

  • Shoutbox is now located on top of blog posts

  • New blog description -> I Am Young But I Am Not Stupid make mistakes...but that doesn't mean that we are stupid or retarded. Don't discourage us with bad words and stuff. We are learning on ourselves and we need somebody to guide us.

  • Some widgets are still in the process of designing and testing.

  • Do provide comments on how to make this blog better in the ShoutMix box up there... =)

    And now...time to explain why this blog are abandoned for quite a long time. Hahaha. And this is the boring part.. =P


    1. Firstly, and obviously, I'm too lazy to update the blog.hehe..

    2. The problem with the internet connection in my university(uni) lately. During the last semester (July - November 2009), me and several classmates had been located in the new hostel(Kolej Kediaman 4 a.k.a KK4) in front of the uni. We have to cross the road(highway) everytime we want to go to our classes or if there are meetings held in the uni. Which really really really really really really troubled us for the whole semester and I think for the next semester too.

    Our first impression of the new hostel is that it's big(our room - 7 room mates), electrics are still not implemented yet(they used power generators..erkk!), water supplies are from water tanks outside the hostels and the worst part is.....NO INTERNET CONNECTION!! Hmm...imagine our anger at that time...just imagine, we are the final year students and we need to prepare for final year project which basically needs to be researched through the internet. But the uni didn't prepare internet for us yet. So some of us who had saved some money, used them to buy broadband connection. I, myself don't have that much money so sometimes I borrowed theirs.

    3. Lack of ideas. Sitting in the hostel, doing nothing, without internet...what's the consequences of that? We turn ourselves into GAME ZOMBIES...haha...that's why I lost the ability/interest to blog. Lots of games we have tried and still addicted to such as Warcraft III(DOTA maps), some played Batman Arkham Asylum, Left 4 Dead, Football Manager and many many more.

    4. Lastly, I have final year project and lots of assignment that needs us to be outside of the uni.huhu..that's why I'm too busy and I don't even have time to open facebook and stuffs.

    Sorry guys if you missed me blabbering(blurbing) here. I believe all the reasons have been told here. Hehe...and I'm not promising anything, but I hope I will have the time to blog during the next semester.

    p/s: I've been to Kuching recently and I'll write that post A.S.A.P. =)
    Read More......

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